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Poker Star: Barbara Enright

Poker Star: Barbara Enright
Today's poker star is legend Barbara Enright.
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Born in 1949, in the United States, Barbara Enright is a professional in the field of poker. In her journey, the professional served as motivational speaker and editor-in-chief of a magazine focused on the poker market, Woman Poker Player. In addition, Enright is also the official ambassador for the Poker League of Nations, a women's organization that brings together women in the sport around the world. Among all her achievements, Barbara is famously known in the poker world for having won three bracelets in the World Series of Poker, even participating in the final table of the Main Event so wanted by many.

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Barbara Enright's early contact with the cards happened when the professional was still just a child, at 4 years old. At the time, Enright played, with her older brother, the five-card format of poker. In 1975, at the age of 26, Barbara finally started venturing to the poker tables.

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In the meantime, the professional also worked as a hairdresser, bartender, cocktail waitress and other functions, reaching three simultaneous jobs to help the family. However, each time Enright played poker, the more she profited from the game. Thus, Barbara started to play poker constantly in her spare time, until at one point the profession ended up yielding more fruit than the conventional professions. From that moment on, poker became a full time occupation.

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Barbara Enright's professional poker career gained awareness in the mid-1980s. More precisely, Enright gained her recognition at the 1986 World Series of Poker. In the situation in question, the grinder was present at the final table of the $500 Women's 7-Card Stud, and earned the sum of US$ 16.000, winning her first bracelet of the series of events.
Nearly a decade after her feat of being the first woman in the world to win a bracelet at the World Series of Poker, Enright returned to the series tables and participated in the 1994 event Women's Seven-Card Stud, and earned another US$ 38.400.
Her third WSOP bracelet came two years later. In 1996, Barbara Enright was present at the edition of the US$ 2,500 Pot Limit Hold'em and earned US$ 180.000. That said, Barbara became the first woman to claim the top of the podium at the World Series of Poker in the entire history of the series of events.
Since then, Barbara Enright has been largely responsible for opening the doors for women to participate more and more in poker tournaments, leaving aside the image that the sport was just a men's game. As such, in 2007 the grinder was finally inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame along with star Phil Hellmuth. Thanks to that, Bárbara was one of those responsible for Linda Johnson and Jennifer Harman being inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame.
Back in 2008, Bárbara was also inducted into the Women's Poker Hall of Fame, earning yet another great place in poker history. It's worth mentioning that Barbara was also inducted into the World Series of Poker Hall of Fame, becoming the first woman to be included in three Poker Halls of Fame, not to mention the Senior Poker Hall of Fame, which she was also inducted into.


Finally, in the year 2018 it was revealed that Barbara Enright's poker earnings had already surpassed the amount of US$ 1,650,000. That said, $425.000 was in World Series of Poker events alone.

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