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Poker Star: Lyle Berman

Poker Star: Lyle Berman
Today's poker star is the American legend Lyle Berman.
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Known as Lyle Berman, today's poker star is the American legend Lyle Arnold Berman. The poker pro was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, on August 6, 1941. Although this living legend is extremely well known, little is known about his private life.

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However, it is known that Berman was born in Minnesota and attended the city's college, the University of Minnesota. Thus, in 1964, at age 23, he graduated in business administration. During this period, Berman began working together with his father, in a business focused on handling leather. His father, Berman Buckskin, ended up selling the business to the W. R. Grace company in 1979. However, Lyle still remained president and CEO of the company for a long period. After that, the company was eventually sold to Melville Corporation, and ended up being called Wilsons Leather.

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In this way, Berman's business career continued to be active. In 1994, the poker pro held the position of president and CEO of a chain of restaurants and retail stores called Rainforest Cafe. However, Berman's life is not just about business, the poker pro played a big role in gaming companies.
In 1990, Lyle was responsible and co-founder of Grand Casinos, a company that aimed to create games outside Las Vegas and Atlantic City. There was a huge participation of people for the Grand Casinos to manage to transform itself into a giant company, called Lakes Entertainment, and along with that Berman was named CEO of the company. But Berman's life didn't stop there, the pro still received the honor of being chairman of the board of the World Poker Tour and PokerTek.
Already in his executive life, Berman received the B'nai B'rith award for "Great American Traditions" in 1995. The following year, in 1996, Berman received another great award, the Game Executive of the Year award.
Although Berman has enjoyed great prestige in the business world and in the poker world, the pro ended up being one of the victims of the "Madoff Investment Scandal" by Bernie Madoff. However, Berman is known to have lost a lot of money on this investment, but his losses are not known.

Creating Roots in Poker

In his journey into poker, Berman won 3 World Series of Poker bracelets and was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. Berman's achievements came in 1989, 1992 and 1994 at the WSOP.
The first bracelet was won in the $1,500 Limit Omaha event. The second in the $2,500 No Limit Hold'em. Finally, the third, within the $5,000 No Limit Deuec to Seven Draw.
It is important to highlight that in 2005 Berman was present in the National Heads Up Championship competition and ended his campaign in fifth position, having lost to Phil Hellmuth in the quarterfinals. Berman's history with poker is known for being a high investment player. From 2009 until today he has already surpassed the amount of US$ 2.5 million with live poker.
The poker pro currently lives in Plymoth, Minnesota, and has 4 children. Although poker is not his main profession, Berman has already left a great legacy to the sport, having become one of the greatest poker players in history, having been inducted in the year 2002 into the Poker Hall of Fame.

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