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LoL: Player is suspended and fined for toxicity

LoL: Player is suspended and fined for toxicity
South Korean player was suspended and fined for toxicity by Riot Games itself.
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.Acting as mid laner for Rensga Esports, the South Korean player Cha "Yuri" Hee-min was suspended and fined for toxicity in this second split of the Brazilian League of Legends Championship. The reason for the suspension was because the player had shown an "extremely toxic" behavior during an official CBLoL match.

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After that, CBLoL's own organizer and League of Legends developer, Riot Games, went public and reported that the South Korean had violated a league regulation on hate speech and offense: "A team member cannot use obscene, foul, vulgar language, insults, threats, abuses, slander, defamation or conduct in any manner offensive or reprehensible, nor promote or incite hatred or discriminatory conduct. [...]"

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The developer seized the moment and hopes that the other participants in the tournament maintain a cordial and respectful behavior both inside and outside the competition. As such, Riot Games states that it will not tolerate offenses of any kind or similar: "We expect team members to maintain a cordial and respectful behavior both in and out of the game, and we cannot tolerate any kind of offensive language."
After taking the suspension, Yuri was fined R$5,000. Although Yuri's words have not been released, the player will not play against KaBuM! on next Saturday.
The organization Rensga Esports has published a clarification note saying:
"Rensga Esports repudiates any type of violence - whether verbal or non-verbal - as well as unsportsmanlike attitudes, whatever they may be.
Therefore, it is already taking all necessary measures regarding the case of midlaner 'Yuri'. The applicable sanctions will be applied to him, as well as the reinforcement of our competitive values. The player goes through a period of adaptation to the new routines in a new country and, in this way, will be followed with even more attention by our technical and psychological staff."
It is also worth noting that Rensga started extremely well this second stage of the League of Legends Brazilian Championship, occupying the lead in the table, with two straight victories and no defeats. The next game scheduled for the team will be this Saturday against KaBuM!.


The South Korean player, Yuri, is only 20 years old and currently works as a mid laner for the Brazilian organization Rensga Esports. However, before joining the organization, Yuri was playing for South Korean club Element Mytic in 2020. During this period, the player arrived with his team in 3/4th position in the first split of Challenger Korea, LCK's secondary competition


Saturday, June 5th
Flamengo eSports 1x0 paiN Gaming
Kaboom! Sports 0x1 Vorax Liberty
Netshoes Miners 0x1 FURIA
1x0 INTZ surrender
LOUD 1x0 RED Canids
Sunday, June 6th
Vorax Liberty 0x1 paiN Gaming
Rensga 1x0 Netshoes Miners
FURIA 0x1 KaBuM! sports
RED Canids 0x1 Flamengo eSports
Saturday, June 12th
RED Canids x INTZ
Kaboom! Sports x Rensga
Netshoes Miners x LOUD
paiN Gaming x FURIA
Flamengo x Vorax Liberty
Sunday, June 13th
LOUD x KaBuM! sports
Rensga x paiN Gaming
RED Canids x Netshoes Miners
FURIA x Vorax Liberty
INTZ x Flamengo
Saturday, June 19th
paiN Gaming x LOUD
Flamengo Esports x FURIA
Vorax Liberty x Rensga
Netshoes Miners x INTZ
Kaboom! Sports x RED Canids
Sunday, June 20th
Netshoes Miners x Flamengo Esports
INTZ x KaBuM! sports
Surrender x FURIA
LOUD x Vorax Liberty
RED Canids x paiN Gaming
Saturday, June 26th
Vorax Liberty x RED Canids
paiN Gaming x INTZ
Kaboom! Sports vs Netshoes Miners
Flamengo Esports x Rensga
Sunday, June 27th
INTZ x Vorax Liberty
Netshoes Miners x paiN Gaming
Kaboom! Esports x Flamengo eSports
RED Canids x FURIA
LOUD x Rensga
Saturday, July 3rd
Flamengo eSports x LOUD
Rensga x RED Canids
paiN Gaming x KaBuM! sports
Vorax Liberty x Netshoes Miners
Sunday, July 4th
RED Canids x LOUD
FURIA x Netshoes Miners
INTZ x Rensga
Vorax x KaBuM! sports
paiN Gaming x Flamengo eSports
Saturday, July 10th
paiN Gaming x Vorax Liberty
Flamengo eSports x RED Canids
Netshoes Miners x Rensga
Kaboom! Sports x FURIA
Sunday, July 11th
Vorax Liberty x Flamengo eSports
FURIA x paiN Gaming
Rensga x KaBuM! sports
INTZ x RED Canids
LOUD x Netshoes Miners
Saturday, July 17th
paiN Gaming x Rensga
Flamengo Sports x INTZ
Vorax Liberty x FURIA
Kaboom! Sports x LOUD
Netshoes Miners x RED Canids
Sunday, July 18th
FURIA x Flamengo eSports
Rensga x Vorax Liberty
RED Canids vs KaBuM! sports
INTZ x Netshoes Miners
LOUD x paiN Gaming
Saturday, July 27th
Kaboom! Sports x INTZ
Vorax Liberty x LOUD
Flamengo eSports x Netshoes Miners
FURIA x Rensga
paiN Gaming x RED Canids
Sunday,  July 25th
Netshoes Miners vs KaBuM! sports
RED Canids x Vorax Liberty
Rensga x Flamengo eSports
INTZ x paiN Gaming
Saturday, July 31st
Flamengo eSports x KaBuM! sports
FURIA x RED Canids
Surrender x LOUD
Vorax Liberty x INTZ
paiN Gaming x Netshoes Miners
Sunday, August 1st
Kaboom! esports x paiN Gaming
RED Canids x Rensga
Netshoes Miners x Vorax Liberty
LOUD x Flamengo eSports

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