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Strategies to play the roulette

Strategies to play the roulette
Today we will show you some strategies to apply in Roulette.
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Continuing our special articles on the game of Roulette, today we will show you some common strategies to be applied in this game. Many players adopt these techniques, so we decided to bring you more of this content.

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Martingale strategy

This technique is well known by casino and sports bettors. In roulette it will be applied to bets that offer a 2:1 payout (red / black, even / odd, low / high). Choose a value to bet on and stay on it whenever the bet wins. Now, if you lose in the round, double the stake next time. That way, you recover the loss from the previous hand and still make the profit.
Example: Bet $10 and lost. The second time he bet $20 and won, winning an amount of $40. This way, you recovered the $30 wagered ($ 10.00 + $ 20.00) and still ended up with a profit of $10.
However, this is a tricky technique, since if you lose many rounds in a row, you will be betting a high amount on your bankroll. In the example above, if you lose 3 rounds in a row, $80 will be disbursed on the fourth attempt.

In a sequence of 5 negative results, you will be betting an absurdly high amount, if compared to the amount bet in the beginning.


$10 -> $20 -> $40 -> $80 -> $160

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James Bond Strategy

This bet is made on European roulette and works as follows (betting $20):
- $14.00 on a Passé bet (19 to 36)
- $5.00 on a six-line bet (Example: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18)
- $1.00 at zero
The idea is to cover 25 of the 37 numbers available at the table, with a greater probability of victory (67.57%). This long-term technique has not had good results, but it has generated gains in short periods.

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Strategy 3:2

This technique is divided into two parts. One you bet on red / black or even / odd, and the other on a column bet. Betting $10, the proportion would be $6 in the first part and $4 in the second part. Your probability of winning could reach up to 70%, but your gains are more in the short term. In the long run it has already proved to be an even negative method.

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Romanosky Strategy

This strategy will cover almost all table numbers, and is done as follows (using 8 chips):
- 3 chips in a “Dozen” bet
- Another 3 cards in another sequence of twelve numbers (dozen)
- 2 chips in bets on the square, dividing into two parts, that is, 1 chip for each chosen square, betting on the numbers not covered by the chips of the top two bets (dozen)
In practice it is easier to understand (assuming you have bet $40):
- $15 in a dozen bet (example 1 to 12)
- Another $15 in another dozen (for example, middle dozen: 13 to 24)
- $5 in the square that covers the numbers: 25, 26, 28 and 29
- $5 eais in the table covering the numbers: 32.33, 35 and 36

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Since your probability of winning will be high (it will cover 32 of the 37 or 38 numbers), your profit will be small, equivalent to one eighth of the total bet. However, if the 5 or 6 numbers that are not covered come out, your losses will be considerable, since for bigger gains you will have to bet a slightly higher amount compared to the other bets. This is another technique that in the long run shows no advantages.
We can conclude that these techniques are valid for earning small profits in a short period. If the same strategy is used in a long sequence of rounds, the tendency is to have losses. As with any type of bet, whether in casino or sports, each of these methods has different odds, and it is interesting to see which suits more with your style and available money.

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