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How to “split” in Blackjack

How to “split” in Blackjack
In today's article we will teach you the strategy of splitting in Blackjack.
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Following our special articles on Blackjack, today we will talk about a strategy widely used in this game: split the cards into one round. This way, you will have two hands in the same round, increasing your chances of winning (if you read the probabilities correctly), in the same way that you can take an unnecessary risk if you do not have the necessary strategic knowledge for this method. Therefore, we will explain what it is to split in Blackjack and when it will be worth doing so.

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There is only one chance for you to split your hand into a round: when you are dealt two cards of the same rank. Attention, they are not two equal cards, but of equal values. That way, if, for example, you get a jack and a king, you can split, because those two cards are worth 10. So, if you get two Aces, or two cards equal from 2 to 9, or cards that are worth ten (king , queen, jack and ten), you are allowed to split your game this round.

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If you decide to split, you will have to double your bet, as now each value of the round will count for each of your hands. Another important detail is to explain how the cards will be distributed, since you already have the two initials, and you will receive two more, totaling four cards. Next we will explain how your game will be at the table:
At the time of the split, each of these cards will be part of an independent hand, and they will be the first cards in your new game. The dealer will give you the other two cards, each completing his new pairs. You now have two games and your decisions for each of these hands are made separately. The image below is easy to understand.

W. Como “dividir” no Blackjack 1
Now that you know when it is allowed to split and what the dynamics of the game will look like after that split, let's give you some tips on this strategy, as it is not because you received two of the same cards that you will be forced to split them. It is necessary to consider many probabilities and analyzes of the cards involved in the table to know if it is worthwhile or not to make that decision in any specific round.
When you have a pair of Aces: when you receive a pair of Aces in the starting hand, your chances of making Blackjack are 30.4%. When you split that hand, turning it into two separate games, the probability of making 21 increases to 51.6%.
When you have a pair of eight: if you are dealt a pair of eight in a starting hand, the sum will represent 16. This value is considered the weakest in a starting hand, as it is below the minimum value the dealer is required to achieve (17), in addition to being a big risk if you have to ask for another card, as there are few that will not push you over the limit of 21. That is why it is smart to split two pairs of eight.
When you have a pair of nine: split whenever a pair of nine comes, except when the dealer's face-up card is an ace, seven, or has a value of 10. For reasons of probability, if that card is a 7, the chances that the dealer's other card has a value of 10, adding up to 17, the value with which he is obliged to end his hand at Blacjack (we taught this in the first article). Since 9 + 9 will be 18, in which case you would automatically beat it.
Pairs between the values ​​of two and seven can be split if the dealer's turned card is also among those values, but his hand is at greater risk of bursting. To understand these possibilities, let's leave a table below, as it requires a much higher level of complexity.

W. Como “dividir” no Blackjack 2

When splitting isn't a good idea?

When you have a pair of 10s, never split. That value represents 20, and is second only to Blackjack itself, being a very valuable hand in this game. Pairs of 5 are also not advisable to split, as in this case the best strategy will be to double the bet, since your chance of finishing this round with 18 or more points will be almost 54%.
Pairs of two, three and seven: do not split if the dealer's turned card is at least an eight.
Pairs of four and six: do not split if the dealer's turned card is at least a seven.
These variations are due to the probability that the dealer will beat you, because anything outside these tips, he will have the advantage of winning the round.

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