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PokerStars announces Neymar as cultural ambassador

PokerStars announces Neymar as cultural ambassador
The world's largest virtual poker house, PokerStars, has announced Neymar as his brand's cultural ambassador.
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This Wednesday, PokerStars announced the player Neymar as a cultural ambassador for his brand. The football star has now taken on another big responsibility with PokerStars, to represent the brand as the site's cultural ambassador. The action taken by PokerStars is clearly another statement to bring Brazilians closer to the Poker community.

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It was reported that one of the first decisions made by Neymar as PokerStars cultural ambassador was to make a playlist of songs made exclusively by him for players at the largest virtual poker house in the world. According to information, the playlist should be for all professionals who spend their hours inside the PokerStars virtual tables. The playlist made by Neymar will be available within Spotify in a few days.

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In addition, there are other new features that the star will bring to the poker house. One of these new features will be the Golden Chips sweepstakes. According to PokerStars, Golden Chips will bring in prizes, equivalent to $ 850,000 in cash, which will be delivered at random. The new PokerStars cultural ambassador will also sign 10 Paris Saint-Germain and Brazilian national team shirts to give as exclusive gifts to PokerStars players.
However, as mentioned, some sweepstakes will be limited editions, containing gifts and VIP experiences with the player Neymar. The idealization of the entire project was the player himself, who is increasingly being noticed by PokerStars. However, Golden Chips prizes will still be awarded in the coming days, where PokerStars will reveal further details about the partnership.
Meanwhile, the PokerStars tournament series, Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP), continues to burn at the virtual tables of the largest virtual poker house in the world. This Wednesday, the big winner of the Event # 37-High $ 2,100 NL Hold'em 6-Max Progressive KO was announced. Known as "IneedMassari", João Simão showed his rivals his fury when he faced 403 opponents and managed to guarantee his survival at the final table. After that, "IneedMassari" took home the title of champion and the simple amount of US $ 140,653.04.
At the regular events of the biggest virtual poker house in the world, it was Rodrigo Seiji's turn to return to the spotlight. Facing 80 opponents, "seijistar" was present at the $ 530 Daily Supersonic table and managed to stay alive until the final rounds of the event. After several hands, Rodrigo became the tournament champion and made a profit of US $ 11,139.
In the edition of the US $ 55 Daily Supersonic, PokerStars registered a total of 845 subscribers in action, which the professional Vinicius Perri had to face. Known as "viniperri", the Brazilian ended up being eliminated in second place and took home the amount of US $ 5,293.
Other highlights:
"bcpgamer" was at the Hot US $ 82 table and had to face a field of 374 entries to become the tournament champion and take home the amount of US $ 4,983.
Ezequiel Salton, known as "ZekMaverick" in virtual environments, managed to take the gold medal among 2,170 contestants in the Hot $ 22 and pocketed the amount of $ 4,724.
"_Miazakii_" had a good performance in Event # 37-Low $ 22 NLHE 6-Max, Progressive KO within the SCOOP, but ended up being eliminated in sixth place, taking home the amount of $ 4,317 after facing a gigantic field of 21,917 entries. However, right after that, in seventh place, "daniwin1981" came in with $ 4,474.
Renan Meneguetti, better known as "xrenanx182", ended his journey in the US $ 109 Daily Cooldown in fourth place when facing 1,027 opponents and guaranteeing a profit of US $ 4,428.

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