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CS: GO: Apeks is eliminated by cheaters

CS: GO: Apeks is eliminated by cheaters
The Apeks organization was eliminated from the next RMR by cheaters.
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This past Thursday, the Apeks organization was eliminated from the next RMR by cheaters. Facing RatPatrol, Apeks ended up losing its game valid by the FLASHPOINT 3 qualifiers. However, none of this was a normal scenario for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Following, Apeks player Dennis "dennis" Edman went public with his team's defeat. According to information, one of the RatPatrol players was cheating, cheating to beat Apeks. After the confrontation, the RatPatrol athlete "peterpik" ended up being banned by FACEIT for using a cheat.

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According to Dennis, the confrontation in question, because of which his rival was banned, was against Apeks themselves, in the second round of the FLASHPOINT qualifiers. However, it was not only Apeks who suffered from this, as RatPatrol was also responsible for eliminating the g4m3rZ team. In the third round, the RatPatrol team cannot play because their player "peterpik" has been banned. According to FACEIT itself, the player is classified on the platform as "Banned for cheating".

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However, the outrage of Apeks player Dennis was not only because his team was eliminated by a cheater player, but also because he did not have a second chance to return to the competition. Both Apeks and g4m3rZ did not even have an opportunity to return to the championship and have a chance to compete for a spot in the next CS: GO RMR.
Without a chance at fair and fair play, Dennis went to his Twitter to share his feelings about the current situation, saying that Apeks had lost to cheaters in the FLASHPOINT qualifiers and could not do anything about it. However, the player claims that "peterpik" had been properly banned, but Apeks would still be out of the competition. According to the player, all teams that played against RatPatrol should be given a second chance to compete in the qualifiers. Dennis's message was as follows:
"Lost to cheaters in the flashpoint qualifier poinand we can’t do anything about it.. At least one of them got banned but we’re still out, it’s a bit.. Just a bit f**ked up that it works like this. Everyone who played them should play for the spot? @Flasht".
With the denunciation made, FLASHPOINT has not yet taken any position regarding the incident. According to information, the qualifiers will proceed normally, even if both teams eliminated by RatPatrol continue to suffer.


The Apeks organization was founded in 2013 in Norway. Today the organization divides headquarters in Sweden and in its origin, in Norway. Despite being a long-standing team within the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive championships, Apeks' brand does not have many relevant top-tier championship titles, "S-Tier". The team usually collects many minor league titles, classified as "B-Tier". One of the first tournaments that made Apeks get noticed was inside Telenorligaen - Spring 2015, where at the time the team took the title home plus the amount of US $ 10,527.76. In 2018, the team managed to take the title of Telenorligaen - Fall 2018 home and the amount of US $ 8,167.42. The following year, the team played in Telialigaen - Spring 2019, a championship in which it won the title and the amount of US $ 8,635.03. In the same year, Apeks was champion of Telialigaen - Fall 2019, adding up to the amount of US $ 8,250.57. The year 2020 was also profitable for the team, which had been champion of Talialigaen - Spring 2020, earning the sum of US $ 8,417.52. However, when moving up in the category within DreamHack Open November 2020, the team ended up being eliminated by AGF in the "5-6th" position.

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