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Warnings for suspicious bets increase substantially in 2020

Warnings for suspicious bets increase substantially in 2020

Regulatory agency pointed to an increase of more than 40% in suspicious bet alerts.

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The body that regulates the integrity of betting in the lottery segment, called the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS), recently reported a very impressive data. According to the GLMS, there was a very significant increase, around 41%, of suspicious bets reported in 2020.

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A total of 1,113 alerts were issued to operators worldwide, who are members of the agency. Of this total, 75% of alerts were restricted to football, that is, there were 832 notifications involving one of the most exciting sports on the planet. Right after that comes basketball, with 134 warnings, followed by ice hockey, with 55 warnings, and tennis, which had 50 cases that generated suspicion.

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It was also informed when these alerts, with possible irregularities, were triggered. Before the start of the matches of the sports involved, 936 alerts were generated, and at the end of the games 150 requests were counted. The continents in which these notices were generated were also informed by the agency. Europe skyrockets the number of reported problems, with 727 confirmed. Second is the Asian continent, with 191, followed by South America with 90. North America, Africa and Oceania complete the list with 64, 23 and 7 notices, respectively.
Another important point to note is the reasons that led to these suspicious notifications. 402 alerts were attributed to news that had relationships with the teams involved, with significant changes in the odd's following, with 192 alerts. In addition, the GLMS classifies, through colors, the level of concern of these alerts with indications of suspicion in the bets. 86 of these signals were red, which includes manipulation and serious suspicion of the final result.
Finally, the agency justified that many of these cases were due to the pandemic, which caused disruption in thousands of competitions and matches, mainly in team sports, where teams frequently changed their athletes and line-ups at the last minute, even including reserve or substitute players. basis to complete the absence of players away from the coronavirus.
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