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eSports Betting: Tuesday 06/10/20

eSports Betting: Tuesday 06/10/20
Find everything you are looking for to bet on eSports this Tuesday!
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Check out this card for the best eSports betting tips for this Tuesday, October 6th. To this day, we filled our card with four tips from the World Championship of League of Legends. The group stages will catch on with the clashes between the teams: G2 Esports x Team Liquid, DragonX x FlyQuest, Fnatic x Gen.G and Team SoloMid x LGD Gaming. (these articles are announced first hand on Telegram - HERE)! Another day with a varied card in several games.

League of Legends | 2020 World Championship (Group Stage) - G2 Esports vs Team Liquid:
To face Team Liquid, G2 Esports needs to go through the duels scheduled with Suning and Machi eSports. Meanwhile, the team brings two wins in their record, against Rogue and Fnatic. On the other hand, Team Liquid has meetings scheduled with the Machi eSports and Suning teams. However, the team demonstrated a good development in the Entry Stage of the competition. For this game under analysis, we believe that G2 Esports will have the highest probability of victory, however, the market is not paying much for this. So we will focus on the destruction of inhibitors.

League of Legends | 2020 World Championship (Group Stage) - DragonX vs FlyQuest:
To face FlyQuest, the DragonX team must first face the Unicorns of Love and Top Esports. FlyQuest has a match scheduled against Top Esports and Unicorns of Love, too. After making these clashes, both will be ready to face each other. For this game, we believe that the team most likely to win is DragonX, however, the market is not projecting much profit on top of this. We will focus on destruction of inhibitors.

League of Legends | 2020 World Championship (Group Stage) - Fnatic vs Gen.G:
Fnatic has meetings scheduled with Team SoloMid and LGD Gaming, to face Gen.G. Meanwhile, the Gen.G squad is preparing for this confrontation having to go through the LGD Gaming and Team SoloMid teams, too. For this match, we believe the highest probability of victory will be on the side of the Gen.G.

League of Legends | 2020 World Championship (Group Stage) - Team Solomid vs LGD Gaming:
After spearheading victories against the Rainbow7 and Legacy eSports teams in the World Cup Entry Stage, the LGD Gaming team still needs to face the Gen.G and Fnatic clubs. In the meantime, Team SoloMid, which secured its direct spot for the group stages of the World Cup, should first face Fnatic and Gen.G, and then fight LGD.Gaming. For this confrontation, the market is predicting an extremely tough game between both. Thus, we believe that during the first game map there will be more than one inhibitor destroyed.


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