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Trading Software

Trading Software
The main advantage of using software is the speed with which you can enter/modify/cancel orders, compared to the Betfair site.

Additionally, software such as BetAngel has certain characteristics that are essential for some specific trading strategies.
by Paulo Rebelo   |   comments 0

In 2006 when I started on live trading, I tried all the software available at that time. I decided to stay with the BetAngel because, despite being the most expensive, was the one who offered me the best value for money.

The BetAngel is developed by Peter Webb, who, like me, is a sports trader who came from the financial markets and that’s why BetAngel has functions similar to those found in software specific for stocks markets.

Some of the BetAngel functions were suggested by me.

We must, however, have some precautions when using software.

For example, there may be problems with the software API connection.

For the BetAngel and other software users that resort to an API connection I advise them to have constantly connections to Betfair: one in the software (API) and another directly in the betfair website.

API is faster, however, in case of a breakdown, it’s convenient to have software with the normal system IMMEDIATELLY available.

That is, open in the game you are working. The time spent with login and selecting the market can make a huge difference in the time needed to close all bets in the origin of an API breakdown.